"Every success begins with human action"

Operating Values and Principles

The following would make for a fine frontispiece of an Employee Handbook, Personnel Manual, Management Policy Manual, or just about any often used or referred to document in any organization. These principles are intended to remind employees and, in particular, managers, what the organization values:

  1. First and foremost, we must care.
  2. Life is to be lived, and experienced, fully.
  3. Opportunities for achievement are essential to a life lived fully.
  4. Risk in life is unavoidable and presents an opportunity for growth, dignity and self-actualization.
  5. Peace and harmony are preferred ways of relating to one another. From them, respect for one another is spawned.
  6. The dignity of every person is paramount and must be maintained at all times.
  7. Each of us has something to contribute to the common good.
  8. All of us are better than one, or some of us.
  9. Success is never final.
  10. Failure is seldom fatal.
  11. Quality assures compliance, but compliance does not assure quality.
  12. Quality is not something simply to be measured. It is manifested in our intentions, as an outcome of our beliefs and principles, in action, every day.
  13. No one succeeds or fails all by him/herself.
  14. No one is so important that s/he is indispensable.
  15. Learning from our mistakes takes courage but is the most effective lesson of all.
  16. Management would do well to remember at all times that the most important people in an organization are most often the lowest paid.  And conversely, the highest paid people in an organization are most often the least important people in the delivery of service to the customer.
  17. Action speaks more eloquently than words.
  18. Give what you wish to receive.