"Every success begins with human action"


October 14, 2014

The Eight Pearl - Focus on the Mission

This Always Matters

Why the Mission Matters Most every organization has a mission even if it does not have a mission statement. Often in my work when I asked an agency director about the mission, s/he would say, and I am paraphrasing, "Oh yes, we have a mission and it is..." But when I asked employees, I might not get anything but a blank stare. Employees know there is a mission; they just may not know what it is! Too often there's a disconnect. In well run mission-focused organizations you can't look at a wall and not see the mission statement prominently on display -- in waiting areas, offices, work sites, o…

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August 27, 2014

The Seventh Pearl Explained

Reward Risk Taking When It Sparks Creativity or Innovation

Risking is Healthy Many organizations are risk-aversive. They fear that risks are often associated with failure. And, to some extent, that is true. The old adage that it is easier to get forgiveness than permission sadly comes into play when an organization stifles its people from creatively engaging. As a result, such organizations may lack innovation. They get stuck in their ways and seem to struggle with change. Sometimes, motivated employees who want to contribute, to fully participate and make things happen, get discouraged, leave and take their ideas to competitors where they are welcom…

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The Sixth Pearl - Don't Punish Failure - The First Time

Creativity Has A Cost

In this next installment, we will discuss the management idea that at times people will fail to meet expectations. This can take many forms. But always kee…

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The Fifth Pearl - Subsidiarity

Let everyone play

Subsidiarity is a principle applied in many circles and across industries. It originated from religious organizations. The word itself is a tongue twister …

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The Fourth Pearl

The Customer is Always the Customer

This principle comes from the experience realized by many in the food and beverage service industries but equally applies to NPOs and any organization that…

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