"Every success begins with human action"


Third Pearl

Every Betrayal Begins with a Trust

Did you ever meet anyone named Judas? No? Ever wonder why? It was once a perfectly acceptable name until one such Judas committed an act that has forever b…

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The Second Pearl Explained

Delegating Work

The second pearl, you can delegate the work but never responsibility comes from the notion that the main function of management is to get work done through…

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Origin of the First Pearl

Finding A Rat

The very first Panza Pearl, like many of them, came from an actual experience I had; this one a bit more realistically than I would have liked. In my very…

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Welcome to HumanAction Associates Blog

Origin of The Pearls

Over the course of decades in executive positions, I took away many lessons. Some of those I eventually converted into lessons to be taught when I became a…

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